Sunday, January 24, 2010

Laundry Room Makeover

Well I finally decided to do something about my ugly laundry room.  The walls were dirty yellow, the floor was that old dark green tile (yuck!) and the whole thing just needed a facelift.  I started by using a tinted primer I had left over from my bedroom walls.  I was originally going to paint the walls yellow but the more I looked at the primer (a light gray) the more I liked it just the way it was.  The trim was painted white, I put some peel and stick tiles on the floor and added some laundry stickers I purchase out of a catalog.  I have this workshop room in the back which is pretty old and ugly so I decided to hang some curtains to divide the rooms.  I purchased some cute material on line called "Domestic Goddess" and cut, sewed and hung in about an hour.  Here are some pics of what I've done so far.

An old clothes dryer a friend gave me

I'm still working on it so I'll be back soon with more pics!